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Jeewan Puri

Engineering Manager / Analytical Professional

Highly skilled Engineering Manager and Analytical Professional with distinguished 
performance in the design and development of Liquid Filled and Dry Type transformers.  
Excellent communicator. Well known in IEEE and IEC technical societies. Demonstrated 
expertise in the following areas:

·	Large Shell Form Transformers	
·	Pole and Pad Mounted Distribution Transformers
·	Cast and VPI Dry Type Transformers
·	Transformer Winding Impulse Voltage Analysis.	
·	Electrostatic and Electromagnetic analysis using FEA techniques
·	Transformer Testing and failure analysis
Transformer Sound and Vibrations
Project Management
Functional experience includes: 


Directed the engineering activities of other engineering professionals in R & D and 
customer order engineering functions.


Guided and managed the adoption of new technologies based on engineering and financial analysis.


Manage and applied advanced analytical techniques (FEA) resulting in transformer cost reductions 
through electrical and thermal performance enhancements.


Managed and coordinated the analytical work of multifunctional team of experts toward the 
resolution of transformers and systems interaction related issues in the industry.


“George Westinghouse Signature Award” for Engineering Excellence at Westinghouse Electric 
Corporation. -  1988.

“People Who Made the Difference Award” for special achievements at 
 Square D Co.-1997.


I am actively involved in many key issues in NEMA, IEEE and IEC Transformers Standards Committees. I am:

Chairman of Audible Sound and Vibrations Subcommittee of the IEEE.
Member Technical Committee 14 of the IEC and a Technical Expert on Audible Sound and Vibrations in Transformers.
Member Working Group for developing NEMA Standard TP 2 on Loss Measurements in Energy Efficient transformers.


Square D Co., Monroe, North Carolina.,
Manufacturer of medium voltage liquid filled and dry type transformers. 


Feb. 1994 to August 2001
Developed, Evaluated and Extended Cast Winding, Open Wound and Liquid Filled 
Transform Technologies.  
Cast Winding Dry Type Transformers

· Saved $100 thousand by developing insulation models and test technologies and  
  implementing a robust insulation system. 
· Saved $50 thousand by developing transient and steady state temperature rise 
· Increased sales by $1.3 million per year by leading multifunctional team for 
  obtaining UL Certification for Power Cast and Uni Cast Transformer product lines. 
· Developed new IEEE Standards for thermal life evaluation of cast insulation 
  systems: A must for obtaining UL Listing. 
· Extended design technology by developing and successfully testing 250kV BIL 
  Power Cast Transformer Design. 
· Extended design technology by developing analytical procedures for predicting 
  the short circuit strength of transformers. 
· Extended design technology by quantifying dielectric stresses through FEA techniques.
Open Wound Dry Type Transformers

· Increased Sales $210 thousand by analyzing and explaining switching resonance 
  induced failures in transformers. 
· Extended design technology by developing the “Ping Test” for evaluating the 
  switching response of distribution systems. 
· Extended design technology by quantifying impulse voltage distribution in transformer 
  windings through RSG analysis. 
· Extended design technology by developing a Boltless core design for reducing core 
  noise by 3dB and core losses by 7%. 
· Extended design technology by developing analytical models for quantifying impulse 
  voltage distribution in disk and layer type windings. 
· Extended design technology by using FEA calculations and quantifying Stray Losses in core 
· Saved $200 thousand per year by developing Finite Difference Element model for calculating 
  winding temperature distribution for  improving cooling efficiency. 


Jan. 1992 to Feb. 1994
Managed technology development and customer order engineering of cast winding transformers from 
500kVA to 10000kVA ratings. Directed, organized and coordinated the activities of three electrical 
engineers, five designers and a drafting supervisor. Also actively participated in  the analytical and 
development activities for these product lines.
Power Cast and Uni Cast Transformers

· Saved $1500 thousand per year by directing a team of  engineers for developing a new cost effective 
  product line of Uni Cast Transformers. 
· Extended product line range by directing and participating in the development of design criteria for 
  Rectifier Transformers. 
· Extended design technology by developing modeling techniques for quantifying the insulation margins 
  in cast winding transformers. 
Cooper Power Systems, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania
 Manufacturer of liquid filled large power transformers.


June 1990 to 1992

Managed and developed technologies for condenser bushings, load tapchangers, and Core Form and Shell Form 
Transformers of up to 800 mVA and 765 KV rating. Directed a team of six development engineers, six drafters 
and other employees performing clerical functions.
· Saved $300 thousand by modifying core assembly procedures for Shell From transformers to reduce losses 
  by 8%. 
· Extended design technology by developing sound level calculation procedure for core form transformers. 
· Extended design technology by developing computer programs for cumulative  creep analysis of HV insulation 

ABB, Distribution Transformer Division, Athens, Georgia.

Manufacturer of  liquid filled pole mounted and pad mounted single and three phase distribution transformers.



Nov. 1984 to June 1990 Developed cost efficient core and coil design concepts. Managed and coordinated development and analytical work of contracted R&D work at other organizations. Accomplishments: · Extended design technology by quantifying the performance degradation resulting from flux wave distortion in four loop wound core designs. · Avoided $500 thousand per year cost by identifying the influence of system parameters on “Lightning Induce Failures in Distribution Transformers”. Co-authored two IEEE papers on this subject. · Invented a cost efficient Spark Gap for protecting distribution transformers from LV side lightning surges.

Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Alamo, Tennessee.

Manufacturer of  HV bushings and Instrument transformers.


Jan. 1981 to Nov. 1984 Managed the development and design engineering of condenser bushings for up to 800 KV applications. Directed a team of three engineers, one drafting supervisor and one drafter. Accomplishments: · Extended HV bushing technology by managing the design technology transfer from Micafil of Switzerland to Westinghouse. · Authored and presented two technical papers on condenser bushings at DOBLE Conference.

Westinghouse, Muncie, Indiana.

Manufacturer of large power transformers for up to 800kV and 1000mVA ratings.


June 1967 to Dec. 1980: Developed and analyzed core performance and HV insulation systems for Shell Form transformers. Accomplishments: · Developed HV insulation for Hourglass Windings in Shell Form transformers. · Quantified the effects of joints and flux wave distortions on core losses in Seven and Five leg core configurations. (Technology Extension).


B.Sc Engineering (Electrical), Punjab University, India,  First Division.

MS (EE), Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, GPA 3.37/4.


I have received extensive training in management and decision making techniques; 
details can be made available.


2    Relating to distribution transformers.
3    Relating to dry type transformers.
2    Relating to dry type transformer with foil disk windings (Applied for)

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